Happy New Year From Fin and Kitty Pudding

Hey everyone, I wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

I can’t believe 2013 is almost over. Those of you who know about me through FaceBook and emails know its been a year of lots of changes for me. Until July, I lived at Billie Black’s cat house with a bunch of other feline friends. I had lived there for a long time after being rescued when I was a kitten. Miss Billie took care of me. She takes care of lots of cats and helps to rescue cats who don’t have a safe place to live. I’m glad she took care of me, but I didn’t have my own special person yet.

Then, on July 20, Miss Billie introduced me to Carmella. Carmella met several cats that day but liked me the best. She said I had delicate little bones and such soft fur. She said I was sweet and that she wanted me to come and live with her so she wouldn’t feel so lonely and sad. Her very special dog Maggie was very old and she had to go to sleep so her spirit could get away from her old body and be free. That happened just a few days before Carmella and I met each other. I’m glad that dog Maggie is free now. I know Carmella is glad, too, but she has also been sad. She knew she would feel too alone without an animal to come home to.

That’s where I came in to the picture. Carmella says she thinks Maggie would have been happy about her rescuing an animal who needed a person of their own, even though she didn’t like cats much. I don’t care for dogs much either, but I’ve heard all kinds of nice things about Maggie. I know she was an extra special dog. I’m glad Carmella wanted to rescue a cat after everything that happened with Maggie. I’m glad she picked me. I’m kind of quiet so I got looked over by a lot of people, but Carmella saw something special in me. Now, I live in the city, up in the sky in a big box!

I’m sure going from a big friendly yellow girl dog who was very old to a shy little black cat who is just about a year and a half old was pretty different for Carmella. She says she doesn’t have to buy me special food, that I don’t eat as much, and that cleaning up after me is a little easier. She says there’s a lot less extra hair around. I know she misses her friend Maggie, too, though. Maggie lived with Carmella and helped her for fourteen years. That’s a long time!

I don’t get to go to work with Carmella and help her clients feel better. Maggie got to do that and went all kinds of other places, too. That’s okay with me, though. Maggie was more outgoing and friendly with strangers. I’m more of a home body myself. Me and Carmella like lots of peace and quiet. I hid a lot when I first came here. I hid good. I blend in to dark corners, except for my big eyes. I just think that, if Carmella can’t see me, no one else should be able to see me either. I don’t hide as much as I did at first. Carmella usually knows where to find me now. She’s cool about it. She lets me hide wherever and whenever I want unless we absolutely have to go somewhere, which isn’t often.

I’m not a helper animal like Maggie was, but I’m glad to be Carmella’s new little buddy. That’s what she calls me. When I jump up on her bed to visit her at night, she always says, “Hey little buddy, what’s up?” Sometimes, she calls me Finfin or Finster. I saw a show on TV pretty soon after I started living with Carmella. The people kept saying “Finfin” and saying I did something to cause people to have heart problems when they got me to help them lose weight. I don’t know what that’s about or why the TV kept calling me. It wasn’t nice. I was worried I might need to see a psychiatrist to get medication because I’ve heard Carmella say that, if you think the TV is talking to you, you might need special medicine. It only happened that one time, though, so maybe it was just a response to the stress of being in a new home. I don’t know.

Carmella and Nana got me lots of toys when I first came here. I had a feather wand, a catnip mouse, and a mouse that’ squeaks and his eyes light up when you go by him and he glows in the dark. I wasn’t interested in any of those toys. Carmella’s friend Peggy sent me toys, too,things her cat likes. I didn’t play with those either. Miss Robin (Carmella’s driver) sent a Cat’s Meow like you see on TV for me to try. I liked to watch it go round and round and would put my paw out to stop it every now and then. Another friend sent me one of those things with the ball that rolls around on the track. I’ll play with that a little if Carmella plays with me. I got some new toys for Christmas. I got a bag full of cat nip, some pipe cleaners, some cotton balls, and a Christmas bow to play with. Carmella will have fun trying to get me to play with them. Maybe I’ll decide to. We’ll see. Mostly, I am entertained watching her trying to get me interested in things. I’d like to think I’d stalk, and pounce, and attack like a fearless warrior if I had to, but that issue hasn’t come up in recent months. I will attack Carmella’s feet under the blankets if she moves them around a lot and I’ll pounce on an empty toilet paper roll every now and again. That’s about it.

Carmella is nice. She takes good care of me and doesn’t always try and bother me. She lets me be me and checks on me during the day but lets me have my space and my rest. Carmella says she understands me because we’re so much alike. We both like to sleep during the day, get easily overwhelmed when too much is going on, would rather stay out of the way, need a lot of peace and quiet, and like to eat at night. We’re both much more about flight than fight and try and be nice. Carmella says I’m a good boy because I don’t pee on things, scratch or bite, or climb around and break stuff. I guess that’s more ways we’re alike. She doesn’t do those things either.

I like to eat! I have a little trouble because some of my adult teeth have already come out. The vet says that can be something genetic and wants to check on me again in a few months. Other than cat food, I like chicken. I also like licking the leftovers out of pudding and yogurt cups and cereal bowls. Carmella lets me try different foods sometimes, just to see what I think. If I want attention or want a bite of something, I try and meow at her, but my meow is pretty quiet. Sometimes, all that comes out is air. Other times, I just make a little squeak. Every now and then, something comes out that sounds like a real “meow!” but that’s not too often.

When I first met Carmella, we spent a couple days at Nana and Grandpa’s house. We also spent time there during Thanksgiving and for a week at Christmas. Usually, if she goes somewhere overnight or just for a couple days, I stay here. I get a little bored, but Carmella leaves me plenty of food and water (bowls in each bedroom and the living room) and cleans my box out before she leaves and after she gets back. I pout a little and fuss at her sometimes, but that’s just because I miss her.

I had a quiet Christmas. That’s what I like. Peace and quiet. Carmella says my favorite Christmas song should be “Silent Night.” The one I don’t like is the one about “kitty pudding.” I don’t know what kitty pudding is, but I don’t want to find out or to try that! Carmella says it doesn’t actualy say that, that I have the words wrong, but I’ve listened. It says, “Bring us some kitty pudding, and bring it right here.! We won’t go until we get some so bring it right here!” I hope you don’t eat kitty pudding. I should stop thinking about it or I might have nightmares during my daytime nap. I mean, what do you think they use to make kitty pudding exactly? It creeps me out.

And also… I don’t like that Christmas vacation movie. No one should wrap a cat in a present box. That wasn’t so nice. And then, when the cat got electricuted… That was terrible. I didn’t know it was going to be a horror movie! No one warned me that was going to happen. I learned a valuable lesson about not chewing on wires or going near Christmas trees, though. I’ll sure never forget it. Carmella told me that, when Grandpa took her and her sister to see that movie Homeward Bound, he stood up and cheered when the cat went over the water fall and almost drowned in the river. I think she’s telling me a fiction story. Grandpa has been nice to me, even when I almost coughed up a big hair ball in his room the first night I was there for Christmas.

I had fun exploring Nana and Grandpa’s house. I was fascinated by the fireplace. I also liked looking out the windows at all the woods and nature. I even got into a staring contest with that big dog named Drake that is there a lot. We looked at each other through the window. I didn’t run away and he didn’t try and come after me. I’m not ready to say we’re friends, but maybe one day… Carmella said I was very brave to do that. I had some of Nana’s yummy mac and cheese and some turkey and ham, too. If I keep eating like that, I’ll need a bigger box. I’d hate to get stuck going in or out of it.

I slept under the futon in the flop room a lot and would hang out on Carmella’s bed at night like I do when we’re at our house. Sometimes, I would watch Nana work on her mosaics at night. I’m a little worried that, if anything happens to me, she’ll want to bling out my skeleton for Carmella, but I like all those shiny things on her work table. I tried to climb up there a couple times to investigate but Carmella told me I couldn’t mess with Nana’s art projects.

I’m glad to be home. My current favorite place to nap is the closet in the guest room. There’s a big comfortable pillow in there and my stuffed puppy brother is there for me to cuddle with.

I hope Carmella and I have a good year together in 2014. This thing about her getting a new guide dog sometime during the next few months makes me nervous. I hope that works out for all of us. I know Carmella will do what is best for everyone involved. I’d like for us to all be a family and I know Carmella would like that, too. I like living here and I like Carmella.

I hope everyone has a happy new year and lots of peace and happiness this next year.