Reader Feedback from Jeff, The Singing, Piano-Playing, Tremendously Funny and Entertaining Older Guy Featured in Several Chapters of Carmella’s Quest

I recently heard from Jeff, a romantic interest near the end of my first semester at North Greenville, via FaceBook. Our brief relationship is, of course, described in Carmella’s Quest. It was unexpected, intense, exciting, and, not surprisingly, didn’t last.
Jeff and I have been FB friends for years now. I hold no ill will towards him and wish him well. He wrote to tell me he’d read CQ, which was a nice surprise. We had an interesting little chat. Some of the comments he made will go in the “Responses From Readers” section. Others will stay between me and him. What he said, in part, was:

“Your book was really good. I actually was able to find it in the iBook store, so was able to download it to my iPad and iPhone. It was a great story, an easy read, eye opening, so to speak, and, well, just plain great! I couldn’t put it down. Great job, Carmella. Hope you write more. You’re VERY good at it.” – Jeff, One of my romantic interests in CQ

If you’re interested in knowing more about the brief romance between me and this singing, piano-playing, irreverently funny, older man, read Carmella’s Quest: Taking On College Sight Unseen, published by Red Letter Press. Jeff is one of several fascinating men I became close with during that time and they’re all part of the story.